Cilantro-Bacon Julep

Posted by John The Bastard on June 11, 2009|opinions|read the whole damn thing
I was working on a drink for tonight's muddling-themed TDN and came up with something I liked so well I wanted to make a post about it. I've been working on various techniques and recipes for bourbon-infused bacon for an upcoming post, and decided to make that the basis of a drink. Here it is.

Mixology Monday XL: Ginger

Posted by John The Bastard on June 12, 2009|opinions|read the whole damn thing
That ever-dastardly, pugnacious, and all-aroung great guy, Rumdood, is hosting this month’s Mixology Monday theme: Ginger. This is conveniently timed for my first MxMo post, as I just recently acquired my first bottle of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, which, despite the glorious praises heaped upon it by booze pundits everywhere, is somewhat hard to find in Oregon.

Given the aforementioned glut of verbiage about this particular spirit, I’ll limit my thoughts on the matter to a few words: its good, not amazing. It tastes pretty much like you would expect a ginger liqueur to taste. However, one stroke of brilliance that I believe abetted Canton’s rise to bibulous stardom is that it matches almost exactly the level of sweetness in the ubiquitous Cointreau. Consequently, you can substitute the Canton for Cointreau in any of your favorite cocktails and have a variation on an old favorite without having to worry about balancing the drink. With that in mind, for this MxMo, I’ll revisit a few of my standards using the ginger liqueur. Despite its GNS base and an absurd price tag, Cointreau has maintained a dominance in the the orange liqueur realm because its competitors, excellent though they may be, simply don’t have the same versatility. I hope to see whether the Canton fairs as well.