The Wasilla Thrilla

Posted by John The Bastard on October 02, 2008

This is an archival post taken from my old xanga blog. Comments have been disabled.

Tonight is the night of the Vice-Presidential Debates, and perhaps more importantly, its TDN, when various and sundry cocktail bloggers and their readers meet at the Mixoloseum Chat Room to entertain each other with razor-sharp wit and clever cocktail creations.

I felt that as a former Alaska resident, it would be most appropriate for me to honor this particularly serendipitous occasion with a creation inspired by my state’s contribution to the political festivities. I give you the Wasilla Thrilla, a tasty cocktail tastelessly inspired by all the things that have made the Palin Campaign what it is:

2 oz of your favorite dark, wry (rye) whiskey
1 oz juice of a sour lemon
3/4 oz angry blue berry syrup
1 big pregnant drop of The Bitter Truth aromatic bitters
  (Nobody in the U.S. will have this, but I couldn’t resist. Use a couple dashes of Peychaud’s instead.)
1 teaspoon of oily, money-green absinthe

Combine all ingredients except the absinthe with ice and shake it like a retarded baby thats standing in the way of your political career and wont stop crying. Strain into a cocktail glass and inarticulately dribble the absinthe over everything else. Garnish with the hide of your enemies.